In occupied Melitopol, "Kadyrovites" rape russian propagandist from NTV (PHOTO) 01/30/2023 19:10:55. Total views 199. Views today — 0.

In temporarily occupied Melitopol, the so-called "fighters of the Akhmat battalion" raped russian NTV propagandist Olga Zenkova and beat cameraman Artyom Epifanov. This is said in the statement of the NTV leadership to the "Investigative Committee of Russia", - the Real War Telegram channel reported.

"This "unfortunate incident" is mentioned in a statement by the NTV management to the "Investigative Committee of Russia". The letter states that Olga Zenkova and cameraman Artyom Epifanov were in the city on an editorial assignment. On January 17, they dined at the Vorontsovsky restaurant, when they invaders attacked, introducing themselves as "fighters of the Akhmat battalion", - the message says, with the clarification that "of course, this topic will not be disclosed on any of the propaganda TV".