Polish military plant works in three shifts to repair AFU equipment 01/30/2023 16:45:37. Total views 171. Views today — 0.

One of the Polish military factories works almost around the clock to return damaged Ukrainian artillery and armored vehicles to the battlefield. This is reported by ZN.UA with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

Hundreds of mechanics are working on the restoration of Ukrainian military equipment. In particular, we are talking about the Krab self-propelled artillery mounts produced in Poland. Two self-propelled guns that were seen at the factory are missing parts of the tracks. The howitzers have ball holes and warp parts.

"In fact, this weapon arrived here in the worst condition we have ever seen. The entire barrel was missing, the hull was badly damaged", - engineer Miroslav Surovanets says.

It is known that in Poland, the Krab howitzers are serviced at an enterprise owned by the Polish Armaments Group state-owned arms company. The workshop is overseen by officers from the Internal Security Agency, who are tasked with identifying potential sabotage operations. All employees must be Polish.

In the factory shops, mechanics work around the clock in three shifts and are in constant contact with the Ukrainian military in order to find out the needs of the AFU in time.