Only one endocrinologist left in occupied Mariupol 01/30/2023 13:23:08. Total views 155. Views today — 0.

In temporarily occupied Mariupol, the situation in the medical field has deteriorated sharply. This was told by adviser to the legitimate mayor of the city Petro Andriushchenko in his Telegram channel.

In particular, the only doctor-endocrinologist remained in the whole city.

"The medical system is rapidly collapsing. The situation with insulin-dependent people is not improving. There is only one endocrinologist in the whole city who receives patients only up to 13 p.m. There is one Otolaryngology Department for the whole city in an intensive care hospital, in a hospital with a limited number of beds. Cancer is a direct one-way road", - Andriushchenko reported.

At the same time, according to him, the invaders again deployed military hospitals on the basis of working in-patient hospitals.7

"The consequences are depletion of plasma and blood supplies (now almost inaccessible for civilians), as well as lack of beds for civilians. The death rate is growing", - Andriushchenko told.

As previously reported, rashists sell apartments in new buildings in Mariupol, although they promised to give them as social housing.