"Price for supporting Groysman." Zakarpattya customs are "given" Khomutynnik – Moskal 05/06/2016 23:20:05. Total views 1107. Views today — 1.

Head of the Zakarpattya Regional State Administration Gennadiy Moskal said that the appointment of new acting head of Zakarpattya customs was connected with positive voting of Vozrozhdeniye group for the appointment of Vladimir Groysman as Prime Minister. The governor stated that in his comments about his resignation.

"[The current head of Zakarpattya customs] Vladimir Kolesnikov is dismissed ... not for work, but for political bargaining between MP of Ukraine Khomutynnik, his "right hand" V. Skorobagach (previously headed the Party of Regions faction in Kharkov city council) and the Prime Minister of Ukraine V. Groysman. Price is keeping Roman Nasirov as chairman of the SFS, control of Zakarpattya customs and balance of its leading personnel here, as well as control of the Zakarpattya region. It is some kind of price for supporting V. Groysman in the Verkhovna Rada for the position of Prime Minister, as well as the subsequent positive voting for government draft laws," - said it.

He added that the region had already passed such an experiment when it "was left to Baloga clan".

Moskal announced that as of May 7th he would go on vacation and return only when the post of Zakarpattya customs was returned to Vladimir Kolesnikov and "when in Kiev will no longer see Zakarpattya as a testing ground for political bargaining and experiments."

As previously reported, Moskal asked Groysman to initiate his dismissal because with appointment of the acting head of Zakarpattya customs wasn’t agreed with him.