Ministry of Defense categorically reminds who exactly has right to announce news from front 01/16/2023 11:42:43. Total views 185. Views today — 7.

Now many, publishing prohibited information, are trying to use the high interest in the topic of the battles for Soledar and have time to earn popularity or money on it. This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar in Telegram.

Maliar recalled that under article 114-2 of the Criminal Code, it is a crime to publicly disclose information about:



·location of the AFU troops.

That is, information like: "they took control of the city, left the city, are in such and such part of the city, moved from such and such part to such, etc.", cannot be published if it was not placed in the public domain by the General Staff or the Ministry of Defense, or other authorized state bodies.

Only the following have the right to publish information about the movement, displacement and location of our troops:

·President of Ukraine;

·Minister of Defense;


·Chief of the General Staff;

·Specially authorized persons of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff.

"The public information of all other persons is unofficial and has not been verified by the General Staff", - the deputy defense minister said.

She also stressed that civilians, except for the above-mentioned president and defense minister, do not have any information about the relevance of events at the front.

"Information is made public by authorized persons taking into account not only operational circumstances, but also our military plans. Civilians do not know these plans and therefore, do not understand the context in which they present pieces of information that they have become aware of. This way, they harm our defense", - Maliar explained.

As previously reported, the rashists are suffering heavy losses in an attempt to break through Soledar.