200 bodies of russian occupiers removed from rubble in Makiivka, another 270 people "disappeared" – separatist media 01/04/2023 14:00:15. Total views 588. Views today — 0.

200 bodies of russian invaders were removed from under the rubble in Makiivka, another 270 people are considered "missing", that is, they remain under the rubble or are not identified. Separatist Telegram channels write about this.

"Already for several days after the strike on the mobilized, the analysis of the ruins of the vocational school building in Makiivka continues. The bodies of our soldiers continue to be found under the rubble. It is reported from the scene that 196 bodies and remains have already been pulled out from under the rubble, 270 people are listed as missing", - one of them reports.

As previously reported, on New Year's Eve, the AFU destroyed the point of temporary deployment of russian occupiers in Makiivka with a surgical strike. According to various estimates, between 400 and 600 invaders were killed. The Ministry of Defense of the russian federation recognized the death of only 89 invaders.