Zakharchenko panicked: personal security of the "DPR" leader was increased to 1200 people – Tymchuk 05/05/2016 13:23:24. Total views 993. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko signed the decree on the establishment of the personal guard regiment after spreading panic by fake "MSS of the DPR" on arrival of mythical SSU "liquidation squads" in Donetsk. It was announced by MP, coordinator of the Information Resistance Dmitry Tymchuk on Facebook.

According to him, the regiment includes - " military unit 08830 (headquarters), military unit 08831 and military unit 08832 (combat units)."

"It is planned that the "basic combat unit" – military unit 08832 of 860 militants - will be called Patriot battalion.The total number of the regiment unit is 1200 people," - said Tymchuk.