PMC Wagner recruits dangerous criminals in prisons of CAR for war against Ukraine 11/30/2022 16:35:14. Total views 446. Views today — 0.

PMC Wagner recruits dangerous criminals in the prisons of the Central African Republic for the war against Ukraine. This is written by The Daily Beast.

It is noted that Prigozhin’s recruiters are releasing terrorists detained by the military and the police for crimes such as rape and murder.

"Since October, they (Wagner paramilitaries - OstroV) have been walking into military and police cells and releasing rebels, including those held for attacking Bokolobo village (in southern CAR) in May and for raping women and girls", - an officer who works at the armed forces told.

"Nobody can stop them because the government has given them so much power to act the way they want", - another source of The Daily Beast reported.