Collaborator Gubareva was released, but "the essence of the case is not disclosed by agreement with the investigation" 11/18/2022 12:15:48. Total views 287. Views today — 1.

Collaborator from the occupation "government" of the Kherson oblast Ekaterina Gubareva is at large. This was reported by her husband Pavel Gubarev, - russian media report.

"By agreement with the investigation, I cannot disclose the essence of the case. However, if I notice systemic activity to discredit my honest surname, I reserve the right to tell everything as it is. Without fear of gold-embroidered shoulder straps. (Who is afraid of them now?)" , - he wrote in one of the social networks.

As previously reported, rashist "deputy governor of the Kherson oblast" Ekaterina Gubareva disappeared in Henichesk on November 15.

Later, the media wrote that collaborator Gubareva, the wife of the "people's governor" of the Donetsk region, was suspected of embezzling almost $1 million, and was detained by the MIA.