G20 leaders agree on draft statement condemning russia - Bloomberg 11/15/2022 11:31:06. Total views 492. Views today — 1.

On November 14, G20 leaders have agreed on a draft statement condemning russia, despite disagreements. This is reported by Bloomberg.

To agree on a draft joint statement, the leaders had to work out a language bordering on expressing concern about the russian federation and demanding concessions from it.

"Group of 20 diplomats agreed on a proposed communique to put to their leaders when they meet Tuesday in Bali, Indonesia, after a tense day of negotiations to overcome differences on how hard to criticize Russia for its war in Ukraine", - the news network writes referring to the words of officials.

The diplomat stated that the agreement was reached only orally, and the leaders of the G20 countries still have to approve the final wording.

Bloomberg clarifies that the planned draft declaration will point to a preliminary United Nations resolution. The two diplomats also stated that an agreement on language condemning the threats to use nuclear weapons had been reached.

Some G20 countries expressed reservations about the wording which they considered "too aggressive" towards the russian federation. One official cited China's concerns that allowing russia to be condemned could open the door to more forceful statements in the future about Beijing's own behavior on Taiwan.

As previously reported, Indonesia urged Western countries not to scold russia too much at the G20 summit.