Court reinstated the colonel, who was dismissed for supporting militants. He was awarded money – the head of MD NP of Donetsk region 12/10/2015 17:37:01. Total views 1180. Views today — 0.

The court reinstated one of the former leaders of the Druzhkivka department of police who was fired in August 2014 for suspicion of collaboration with the "DNR" and "LPR". The Head of the MD of National Police in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin wrote about that on Facebook.

"In August 2014, one of the former heads of Druzhkivka department colonel who was fired for defamation. He was suspected of collaborating with terrorists. In July 2014 he helped the commandant of "people's militia of Donbass" to confiscate guns illegally from local gun owners to arm future " militias of the DPR" - wrote Abroskin

He said that the dismissed turned to Zaporizhzhya Regional Administrative Court to cancel the orders of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, to return position and compensate the average money support during his forced absence (92 housand hryvnia).

At the same time after the dismissal of a traitor he exercised his right to get "deserved" rest and retired. During the trial court "illegally retired" managed to get about 80 thousand hryvnia of pension payments.

"Sympathetic judges decide to restore his position and compensate him fully the amount of money during his forced absence. Total judging humanity cost taxpayers 172 thousand hryvnia", - said Abroskin.