Displaced students and those in occupied territories to be transferred to universities to budget - Ministry of Reintegration 10/12/2022 19:18:18. Total views 587. Views today — 0.

IDP students and those who are in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine will be transferred to a budget form of education in universities. The Ministry of Reintegration reported this on its Telegram channel on October 12.

"Students who are IDPs or who are in the temporarily occupied territories will be transferred to universities to a budget-funded form of education, - the message says. - The Government adopted a corresponding resolution today. It was developed on behalf of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky".

It is clarified that the document will allow transferring the following categories of students to study at public expense:

- persons residing in the temporarily occupied territory, the territory of military (combat) operations or being in temporary occupation, encirclement (blockade);

- internally displaced persons who left such territories.

It is emphasized that the children of the fallen defenders of Ukraine, as well as participants in hostilities, persons who received disabilities as a result of the war, and their children, also received such an opportunity.

"In addition, the document will determine the mechanism for transferring the above categories, who acquire professional higher or higher education and are enrolled in institutions of professional higher (higher) education of state and private ownership on contractual terms in past years, to education at public expense", - ​​the message said.

It is noted that the adoption of this innovation today is a logical continuation of the Government's policy aimed at supporting, first of all, the children of our defenders, as well as internally displaced persons.

It was earlier reported that Ukrainians from the occupied regions and those adjacent to the combat zone would be able to enter universities without a passport.