Since 2014, "DNR" militants have been part of armed forces of Russian federation and were subordinate to regular russian officers - Khodakovsky 10/04/2022 14:58:38. Total views 390. Views today — 0.

Since 2014, the "DNR" militants have been part of the Southern Military District of the russian armed forces and are directly subordinate to regular russian officers. This fact was recognized by founder of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky on his page in social networks.

"When they told me in the fourteenth year that we were assigned to the Southern Military District, and this is bad, because it is the most commercial - I stood and digested the information for a minute… District? Commercial?? And then I saw everything and understood: when it was time to transmit our militia formations under the command of military personnel from the Southern Military District - they sent me a new brigade chief of staff. He behaved in such a way that everyone in the brigade just went nuts", - he complained that the "militia" fell into not the most reliable hands.

According to Khodakovsky, the russian command turned out to be incompetent and even thieving.

As reported, the leadership of the russian federation has been stating for 8 years that simple "miners and tractor drivers" rose up against Ukraine in the Donbas and hypocritically called the occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine a "civil war".