Rashists "ask" men in Mariupol to come to military enlistment office "with stuff" 09/28/2022 09:44:06. Total views 398. Views today — 0.

Mariupol residents receive messages from the russian occupiers with a "request" to appear at the military registration and enlistment office "with personal belongings". This was reported by the Telegram channel of the city council.

The occupiers substantiate the decisions by the fact that Mariupol "will be part of the russian federation" according to the results of the pseudo-referendum, which were held for show.

"Hidden mobilization continued in the city for a long time. Mariupol residents received SMS, where they offered residents to work in the so-called state paramilitary service. As a result of a fake referendum, this will be done openly. After all, the key thing that the russians need is new cannon fodder to cover up their positions, which they surrender due to the AFU counter-offensive", - the City Council reports.

"We urge Mariupol residents to leave the city and not sacrifice themselves for the sake of the occupiers, for whom your life is worth nothing", - the city council warned.