Referring to Kosovo, putin lies that he unleashed a war against Ukraine in accordance with the principles of the UN 09/07/2022 14:08:42. Total views 453. Views today — 0.

Putin has once again stated that in accordance with the principles of the UN, the fake "DNR/LNR" had the right to declare their independence, and the russian federation - to unleash a bloody war against Ukraine. He stated this during the Eastern Economic Forum, - russian media write.

"This right is confirmed by the relevant decision of the UN court in relation to Kosovo, a precedent. If they did this, do we and any other country have the right to recognize them? We do. We recognized them", - the president of the aggressor country said.

"If we recognize them, can we conclude an international treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with them? Of course, we can, we have done this. There (in the agreement - OstroV) certain obligations lie on the Russian side, to provide them with assistance, including in the event of aggression - in this case, aggression on the part of the Kyiv regime", - he explained the "legality" of the invasion of the russian Armed Forces into Ukraine and the occupation of part of its territories.

Putin's references to the UN principles are groundless. First of all, the United Nations Declaration of September 13, 2007 speaks of the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples. The so-called "people of Donbass" are not indigenous. In addition, as early as March, the International Court of Justice found no justification for the start of russian aggression against Ukraine and ordered the kremlin to immediately stop the invasion. The decision of the International Court of Justice is binding, but the russian federation grossly violates all international norms and principles of peaceful existence. Moscow has cynically stated that it does not intend to comply with the decision of the International Court of Justice.