Scholz calls for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to join EU 08/29/2022 16:52:34. Total views 643. Views today — 0.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has urged drastic reforms of the European Union to prepare it for new members. Speaking at the Charles University in Prague on August 29, Scholz also pledged to help Ukraine defend itself against russia for as long as it takes, - DW reports.

"The countries of the Western Balkans, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and, in the future, Georgia should become part of the EU. This expansion is in the interests of the European Union", - Scholz stated.

"These days the question arises again of where the dividing line between a free Europe and a neo-imperialist autocracy will continue to be", - Scholz pointed out.

According to the German chancellor, the European Union needs to take drastic steps for its enlargement and, in particular, reform the European Parliament and the decision-making system in the field of foreign and tax policy.