Putin cynically lies that UN Charter approves bloody massacre of russian federation in Ukraine 08/16/2022 15:24:00. Total views 542. Views today — 0.

Putin has cynically stated that the russian federation unleashed a war against Ukraine in full accordance with the UN Charter. He said this on the air of federal propaganda channels.

Allegedly, the Ukrainian authorities "turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology, to the massacres of the residents of Donbas, pumped and continue to pump the Kyiv regime with weapons, including with the heavy ones".

According to Putin, these really non-existent threats were enough for the aggressor country to launch a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

"Under these conditions, we decided to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine in full accordance with the UN Charter. The goals of this operation are clearly and clearly defined – this is to ensure the security of russia and our citizens and protect the residents of Donbas from genocide", - the owner of the kremlin cynically states.