Parliament of the Netherlands rejected the abolition of the ratification of the Agreement on Association of Ukraine 04/20/2016 22:31:52. Total views 1004. Views today — 0.

MPs of the Netherlands voted for giving the government more time to find a solution regarding the results of the referendum which rejected the agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association. It is reported by Yevropeyskaya Pravda with the reference to NOS.nl.

According to the report, the Socialist Party of the Netherlands proposed the government to revoke the law on the ratification of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine. Socialists initiated the vote not according to parties, as usual, but to name - name of each deputy was called and he/she had to say "yes" or "no."

Two coalition parties and two independent deputies voted against the abolition and supported the government by 75 votes against 71. One MP from the ruling Labour Party defected to the opposition.

Deputy from the Socialist Party Harry van Bommel, who is one of the main opponents of the association, said that " he is disappointed with the result of voting." "The opinion of the people faded into insignificance", - he wrote on Twitter.

The report recalls that 61% of the Dutch, who came to the ballot commission, voted against the Agreement on the Association of Ukraine with the European Union on the consultative referendum in the Netherlands on April 6th.

It was also reported that the Government of the Netherlands wouldn’t determine its position on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU until the end of June.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that the Government of the Netherlands, but not the EC, should develop an alternative plan after the referendum on the Agreement on the EU-Ukraine Association.