Zelensky: "Russia is a murderous country. A terrorist country" 07/14/2022 15:30:21. Total views 570. Views today — 0.

After the rashist missile attack on Vinnytsia, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called russia "a murderous country, a terrorist country".

"Vinnytsia. Missile hits on the city center. There are injured and dead, including a small child. Every day russia destroys the civilian population, kills Ukrainian children and directs missiles at civilian targets. Where there is nothing military. What is this if not an open terrorist act?", - Zelensky stated.

"Monsters. A murderous country. A terrorist country", - the President of Ukraine stressed.

As it was reported, 30 wounded and 12 dead are known, including a child, as a result of rocket attack on Vinnytsia.