After AFU attack on command post in Kherson region, rashists have at least 12 KIA (interception of the Defence Intelligence) 07/11/2022 18:06:07. Total views 714. Views today — 0.

Having hit the command post of the russian occupiers in the Kherson oblast, the AFU liquidated at least 12 people of the rashists’ officers. This is evidenced by the interception of a conversation between one of the russians and his relative, posted on July 11 by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

"They hit the most important command post in Kherson, there are 12 KIA, - the occupier tells. - We have the coolest command in our direction".

In addition, he talks about the improper storage of ammunition, which led to the complete destruction of ammunition after being hit by Ukrainian artillery.