Three people died and five were injured as a result of shelling of Mykolaiv - Kim 06/29/2022 14:58:39. Total views 442. Views today — 2.

As a result of the rashist attack on Mykolaiv in the morning of June 29, three people were killed and five more were injured. Head of the Mykolaiv oblast military administration Vitaliy Kim wrote this in his telegram channel.

"After the strike on a multi-storey building, there are 3 wounded and 2 dead at the moment. An employee of the State Emergency Service was also wounded. As of 8:20 – there are 5 wounded and 3 dead", - Vitaliy Kim told.

As previously reported, rashists struck at a residential high-rise building. Shelling of the city continues for the second day in a row – the day before, 11 missiles were fired at Mykolaiv.