Akhmetov complies with the laws of the "DPR". Thus, his businesses can operate in occupied of Donbas - "MIA of the DPR" 04/18/2016 17:04:02. Total views 983. Views today — 0.

Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov’s enterprises that are located on the occupied territory are under the laws of the "DPR" and pay the appropriate taxes. It is understood from the interview with the so-called "Minister of Foreign Affairs" of the fake "republic" Nataliia Nikanorova to Russian MKnewspaper.

Thus, responding to a reporter's question why on the background of statements that the "DPR" is a "state without the oligarchs", "a lot of Akhmetov’s enterprises are operating" in the republic and they (enterprises - OstroV) have not yet been nationalized, Nikonorova said that "the DPR adopted legislation that is valid now, according to which all entrepreneurs who are in the republic work. If a businessman fulfills our laws, then he has the right to work for us."

As previously reported, one of the requirements of the authorities of the "DPR" to the businessman is paying taxes and duties to "the republic's budget."