Another detachment of "combat Buryats" goes on "special operation" to kill Ukrainians 06/28/2022 13:56:36. Total views 489. Views today — 0.

A detachment of so-called "volunteers" from Buryatia went to Ukraine to participate in the so-called "special operation". This is written by the provincial media.

"Head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov wished the volunteers success and noted that the government of Buryatia would provide all-round support", - local journalists write.

It is noted that the next batch of "combat Buryats" consists of veterans of a certain "Combat Brotherhood", which has already recruited more than a hundred people for the war against Ukraine.

In full accordance with the narratives of the false propaganda of the Kremlin, "volunteers" state that they protect "the interests of russia".

"I do not think that russia attacked, we did not attack. Throughout history, russia has waged only defensive wars, but not the offensive ones", - one of the publications quotes the words of the Buryat occupier.

As previously reported, people from the depressed regions of Buryatia occupy one of the first places in terms of the number of deaths in Ukraine.