"Ukraine will get more weapons" - Reznikov on results of Rammstein-3 06/16/2022 11:49:49. Total views 747. Views today — 0.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov called the agreement that Ukraine will receive additional weapons the main result of the Ramstein-3 meeting of the contact group on the defense of Ukraine. Reznikov wrote this on Twitter on June 16.

According to the Minister of Defense, Ukraine will be provided with more military weapons. The talk at the contact group meeting was about 155 mm guns, HIMARS, Harpoons, etc. from the USA.

"As well as helicopters from Slovakia; artillery from Canada, Poland and the Netherlands; MLRS from Germany. Ukraine will continue the fight for Freedom and Independence; Our partners will continue to support Ukraine; NATO has the greatest unity in its history; Ukraine will win", - Reznikov added.

Let us recall that on June 15, a meeting of the Ramstein-3 contact group on the defense of Ukraine began at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Moldova and Georgia, as well as Ecuador, joined the meeting of the chiefs of staff and defense ministers in the Ramstein format, dedicated to the provision of military assistance to Ukraine.