Sailors of Moskva cruiser destroyed by AFU recognized participants in "special operation", but not russian ship 06/08/2022 10:31:53. Total views 542. Views today — 0.

The military unit, where the sailors of the Moskva russian cruiser, destroyed by the AFU, served, is included in the list of participants in the "special military operation". This follows from the response of the prosecutor's office of the Black Sea Fleet to the request of mother of the wounded sailor Gulnaz Urazayeva, - Mediazona writes.

The document, signed by head of the supervision department Vadim Mikhailov, says that the Ministry of Defense added the unit to the list "to ensure the possibility of social rights and guarantees, as well as the receipt of payments by the ship's crew and members of their families". The prosecutor's response does not specify when exactly the unit was included in the list.

At the same time, neither the prosecutor's office nor the Ministry of Defense still admit that the Moskva cruiser took part in the war with Ukraine. The document says that the prosecutor's check established that "the ship on which Urazayeva's son served" was "not part of the forces (troops) involved in the special military operation" and "at the time of the disaster, was in neutral waters".