Norway donates 100 Mistral missiles to Ukraine 04/20/2022 11:16:59. Total views 654. Views today — 0.

The Government of Norway donates Mistral anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated on April 20 by Minister of Defense of the Kingdom Bjørn Arild Gram. His words were published by Stavanger Aftenblad, - DW reports.

"The Mistral SAM is an effective weapon that is already used in the navy and will be of great benefit to Ukraine", - the minister noted.

According to Stavanger Aftenblad, this refers to such a number of SAM that can launch approximately 100 missiles can. As the newspaper clarifies, Mistral was used, in particular, on Norwegian corvettes. However, the country's authorities are gooing to replace this type of air defense systems. Thus, according to the Ministry of Defense, the donation of complexes will not have serious consequences for national operational capability.

SAM "will be taken out of service by the Norwegian AF, but it is still a modern and effective weapon that will bring great benefits to Ukraine", - Bjørn Arild Gram believes.

Earlier, the Norwegian government decided to send Kyiv a total of about 4000 anti-tank missiles and several types of other military equipment.

BBC notes that Mistral is a small, close-range anti-aircraft missile, with a ceiling of up to six kilometers and a range of up to seven kilometers. It can be launched from a portable weapon or from a complex installed, for example, on an armored vehicle or on a helicopter.