"They said to raze everything to the ground". Invaders are ready to drop three-ton bombs on Azovstal 04/19/2022 17:55:39. Total views 735. Views today — 0.

The russian occupiers want to raze the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, where our soldiers are holding the line, to the ground. The occupiers are not deterred even by the fact that civilians have found shelter on the territory of the enterprise.

In a telephone conversation intercepted by the SBU, the Rostov platoon commander, who is located 4 kilometers from Azovstal, confirms that russian rashists are preparing to drop 3-ton "surprises" from the sky onto the plant.

"We are waiting here for "surprises" from russia... three tons from the sky... They said to raze everything to the ground... A lieutenant colonel came and said: you will feel it on yourself, you will hear it and you will feel it. Just imagine the explosion wave", - the occupier tells his wife.

To her question about the fate of the civilian population, she answers: "Everyone left. Everyone who wanted to, left. There are only patriots and very smart people left...".

This is another confirmation that the real goal of the "liberators" in Ukraine is simply to wipe our country off the face of the earth.