The "DPR" faces lack of teachers, doctors and public transport drivers. The average salary is 5 thousand rubles 04/12/2016 17:12:48. Total views 1362. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" faces a constant lack of public transport drivers, doctors, teachers and educators. This was stated by director of the "Republican Employment Center" Tamara Kozenko, - reports "Donetsk Republic" newspaper as of April 7th, 2016.

"A large number of jobs are in the sector of public transportation. We need drivers of trolleybuses, trams, buses. We hope that our young people will get such qualifications. In addition, in connection with work on housing and infrastructure reconstruction we will have demand for people qualified in building," - noted T.Kozenko.

Moreover, according to data published in the separatist newspaper, there is still a need for healthcare employees, teachers and educators on the occupied territory. The biggest need for doctors is in Gorlovka - 43 vacancies, Makeyevka - 39 vacancies, Shakhterske - 21 vacancies.

As noted, the lowest salary of 2514 rubles among the available jobs in the "Republican Center of Employment" is offered to street cleaner, PE teacher at school, secretary-typist, office cleaner, seamstress, cook. At the same time, the highest salary is promised to escalator driver in the EM - 18900 rubles, driver-sapper in the EM - 18400 rubles and the chief accountant with experience of accounting and financial work, including in senior positions at least five years - 18,000 rubles.

"The average salary of all vacancies is about 5000 rubles. It should be noted that it is higher for blue-collar jobs ... There are vacancies for representatives of creative professions: in Gorlovka a job is offered for the theater mime and gesture artists with a salary of 4346 rubles; in Donetsk - for the actor-singer with experience in the music and drama theater with a salary of 13,162 rubles," - said T. Kozenko.

As previously reported, the "DPR" declares that they managed to employ more than 16 thousand people having more than eight thousand vacancies at the employment center.