Burial of russian military is getting more expensive: FSB asks to increase cost of funerals 04/15/2022 17:25:52. Total views 565. Views today — 1.

On the 50th day of russia's invasion of Ukraine, the FSB has asked the government of the russian federation to increase the allocation for burial and headstones for the military by 17%. This is reported by BBC.

The final bill for taxpayers is unknown: the russian army is stingy with data on losses and is selective in the removal of the bodies of soldiers killed in Ukraine. Based on the draft government decision submitted by the FSB, compensation for the cost of burying one deceased during the military service will increase by $94-133 to $682-897, depending on his status and place of burial.

The FSB explains the request to allocate additional funeral money by the fact that these expenses were not included in the list of annually indexed social payments.

With the outbreak of the war, price increases in russia accelerated sharply due to retaliatory Western sanctions, business flight, panic buyers and supply disruptions. In annual terms, inflation in March almost reached 17% - that is how much the FSB is asking for an increase in appropriations.