Sehr gut, Alchen! Putin praises lukashenko, who is not "little brother" and lent his shoulder 04/12/2022 17:17:10. Total views 986. Views today — 0.

President of the aggressor country putin has praised belarusian dictator lukashenko for providing the territory of belarus as a springboard for an attack on Ukraine. He said this at a joint press conference with lukashenko in the Far East.

Putin flattered his unrecognized counterpart by saying that, allegedly, lukashenko's regime cannot be called the "little brother" of rashism, that is, it is an equal participant in all the war crimes of the kremlin.

"I would emphasize: not younger ones, but brothers. We have always treated Belarus this way. We had no doubts that if anyone lends a shoulder to us, it will be Belarusians", - putin stated.