German president calls for bringing putin and lavrov to justice 04/08/2022 20:41:02. Total views 1372. Views today — 0.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has spoken in favor of bringing russian president putin and foreign minister Lavrov to justice. He stated this to the Der Spiegel weekly on Friday, April 8, - DW reports.

"Everyone who is responsible for these (committed in Ukraine. - ed.) crimes must be punished", - Steinmeier stated.

According to him, this concerns not only the soldiers and those who gave them orders, but also "those who bear political responsibility for this".

Steinmeier noted that the footage from Bucha Kyiv suburb is terrible and unbearable.

"It once again draw attention to what russia's criminal attack on Ukraine means and to suffering, death, and exile it brings. This leads to incredible indignation and depressing", - he said.

The German President also stated that he did not expect the kremlin to decide to start a war in Ukraine.

"I saw changes in russian politics, but, frankly speaking, I still hoped for vladimir putin's remnants of rationality", - he explained.

According to Steinmeier, he "did not imagine that the russian president, in his imperial madness, would risk the complete political, economic and moral ruin of his country". "This attack shocked me", - Steinmeier added.

The report recalls that in the past few days, amid criticism against him, the German president has repeatedly made statements admitting his mistakes in his earlier policy towards russia, especially, when he was foreign minister.

"My commitment to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was a clear mistake. We held on to bridges that russia no longer believed in, as our partners warned us about", - Steinmeier stated on April 4. The next day, he ruled out the normalization of relations with the russian federation under its current president. "Cooperation with putin's russia is no longer possible, as it was in previous years", - Steinmeier admitted.