Russian occupiers take hostage father of mayor of Prymorsk, after which son exchanged him for himself 03/30/2022 15:23:41. Total views 501. Views today — 0.

Russian occupiers have  taken hostage father of the mayor of Prymorsk (Zaporizhzhia oblast) Oleksandr Koshelevych, demanding his son to surrender. Journalist Iryna Romaliyska wrote this on her Facebook.

"In my native Prymorsk, russian occupiers kidnapped mayor Oleksandr Koshelevych. The city has been occupied for a long time. From the very first days, the mayor, together with the townspeople, went to the square, hung out the Ukrainian flag and sang the anthem. He publicly declared: "Prymorsk is Ukraine", - she wrote .

The journalist specified that the occupiers were looking for the mayor himself, but could not find him. Then they captured the elderly father. After that, Oleksandr Koshelevychappeared to the occupiers and exchanged himself for his father.

"He was taken away towards Berdiansk. The headquarters of the russian occupiers is there", - the journalist writes.