Enemy planes are flying to Mykolaiv oblast from Crimea. Building of regional administration has already been destroyed - Kim 03/29/2022 11:17:34. Total views 801. Views today — 0.

The enemy planes are flying to the Mykolaiv oblast from the Crimea – a massive attack is expected. The head of the Mykolaiv regional military administration Vitaliy Kim wrote this on Telegram.

"The enemy aircraft flew from the Crimea to Mykolaiv The number is unknown. They will work at very low altitudes. Everyone take cover!", - he warned the local residents.

Earlier, the head of the regional military administration reported that russian troops hit the building of the regional administration. According to him, half of the building is practically destroyed, including the office of the head of the regional state administration. Most of the people were miraculously saved. This is from 50 to 100 people. Now eight civilians and three servicemen are being looked for.