Murderer does not agree: russia does not intend to comply with decision of UN court to stop massacre in Ukraine 03/17/2022 13:16:39. Total views 922. Views today — 0.

The Russian authorities do not intend to comply with the decision of the UN International Court of Justice on the immediate cessation of armed aggression against Ukraine. This was announced by press secretary of the president of the aggressor country peskov.

"No, we will not be able to take this into account. The International Court of Justice has such a concept as the consent of the parties. No agreement can be reached here. This is something that we cannot take into account", - he stated.

As previously reported, the UN International Court of Justice found no justification for the start of russian aggression against Ukraine and ordered the kremlin to immediately stop the invasion. The decision of the International Court of Justice is binding, but the russian federation grossly violates all international norms and principles of peaceful existence.