Russia misinterprets Minsk Agreements and this complicates Progress – U.S. Ambassador 02/04/2022 17:17:34. Total views 607. Views today — 0.

Russia misinterprets the Minsk agreements, which complicates progress towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Donbas. Chargé d'affaires a.i. in Ukraine Christine Quinn stated this on the air of the Right to Power talk show on 1+1, - LIGA.net reports.

"The Russian Federation misinterprets these agreements. As long as they continue, it will be difficult to reach a compromise and move forward", - she said.

Quinn considers it strange that Russia refuses to recognize itself as a party to the conflict, because the Russian Federation itself signed the Minsk agreements.

The head of the U.S. embassy added that negotiations with the militants, to which Russia is inciting Ukraine, would not lead to anything good.

"There will be a frozen conflict, like in Transnistria, which will never be resolved. Therefore, Ukraine does not agree, because it is not in Ukraine's interests to negotiate with a group, as you said, of terrorists who do not want to solve the problem", - she added.

Quinn believes that the Minsk process is still relevant, and also noted the resumption in the Normandy format – the political platform for this process.