Putin has not yet reacted to the idea of "helping" CADLO militants with arms supplies - Peskov 01/27/2022 14:49:33. Total views 607. Views today — 0.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet responded to United Russia's proposal to supply weapons to CADLO, although he is aware of this initiative. This was reported by the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov during a conversation with Russian journalists.

"The president is well aware of this opinion. He is sympathetic to how sensitive this topic is. But now there is no reaction from the president", - he said.

To a clarifying question whether Russia had previously supplied weapons to the uncontrolled territory in the Donbas or "this is something new", Peskov replied: "This is something new".

As previously reported, the OSCE SMM, Ukrainian intelligence and the SBU have repeatedly recorded the presence of the latest Russian-made weapons in the possession of the Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine, which can in no way be "Ukrainian captured weapons".