Russia prepares internal sabotage and destabilization for Ukraine - Nuland 01/12/2022 15:15:45. Total views 685. Views today — 0.

U.S. undersecretary of state Victoria Nuland has stated that Russia had prepared plans for sabotage and internal destabilization against Ukraine. She said this at a briefing, - Voice of America reports.

"It was Russia that created this crisis out of nothing. It was Russia that amassed 100 000 servicemen on the borders of Ukraine. It was Russia that prepared internal sabotage, destabilization and false flag options for Ukraine. It was Russia that spewed disinformation and lies about Ukraine, the USA and NATO to justify its own actions", - Nuland noted.

Nuland also stressed that it is Russia that acts as the aggressor, and Ukraine has clearly stated that it does not intend to threaten the Russian Federation.

She also recalled that Ukraine wants only a peaceful, democratic and European future for its people.

Nuland also stressed that NATO does not pose a threat to Russia, and decisions on membership in the Alliance are made only by countries seeking to become members of the Alliance and member countries.

As previously reported, after the talks in Geneva the day before, the representatives of the United States and Russia announced the invariability of the position of Moscow's key demands - legal guarantees of NATO's non-expansion. These requirements remain fundamental for Russia, but they are unacceptable for the USA.

In December, Russian President Putin insisted that Moscow was demanding an immediate response to its demands. Putin also stated that if the West's "clearly aggressive line" continues, Russia will resort to "military-technical measures".