"LNR" renounces Russian UAV captured by AFU. Allegedly, Orlan-10 is freely sold to everyone 11/16/2021 15:07:01. Total views 716. Views today — 0.

The CADLO propagandists are trying to prove that the Russian-made Orlan-10 drone captured by the AFU was not used by the occupation forces in the JFO zone.

As previously reported, according to a report from the Joint Forces headquarters, the Russian Orlan-10 drone, designed for directing reconnaissance and artillery spotting, was neutralized in the area of the Joint Forces Operation.

Orlan-10 is produced by the Russian Special Technological Center Ltd. in St. Petersburg and this complex is solely in service with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

"The winged trophy is unconditional proof and documentary evidence of the presence of Russian troops, weapons and equipment on the territory of Ukraine", - the JFO headquarters stressed.

A clumsy attempt to refute the obvious fact of the use of Russian weapons by the "DNR/LNR" illegal armed formations was made by former "LNR" militant Andrey Marochko, who calls himself a "military and political expert".

"Ukrainian propaganda reiterates that it shot down the Russian UAV Orlan-10. I just want to remind you about decree No.1062 of the President of the Russian Federation, which says that this unmanned aerial vehicle is publicly available and is on free sale.

Ukraine could easily purchase these UAVs through third parties for its provocations", - he wrote in his Telegram channel.

"It is sold in any surplus store, in any village in Russia without showing a passport and removing the hijab", - users of social networks mockingly comment on the "version" of the self-proclaimed "expert".