Fake "DNR authorities" not to figure out whether their howitzer weapon was destroyed by Bayraktar hit 10/28/2021 15:45:03. Total views 731. Views today — 0.

Occupation "DNR authorities" cannot figure out whether their howitzer weapon, which was firing at the controlled Ukraine, was destroyed. This was acknowledged on the air of one of the Russian television channels by Natalia Nikonorova, who calls herself "the head of the Foreign Ministry".

"We are investigating this case. According to our information, factual information from what was shown in social networks, -video in particular, has not yet been confirmed", - she told.

"We have neither wounded nor dead, and there (on the video - OstroV), it is obvious that someone died. We are looking what these statements are made by the Ukrainian party for. Yesterday (on October 27, at the meeting of the subgroup in the TCG - OstroV) we asked directly why they were making these statements. After that, a semblance of panic began among the Ukrainian representatives. At first, they tried to avoid answering this question, then they kind of confirmed it, then, half an hour later, the Defence Minister's statement came out that: "No, I do not confirm".

The "refutation" of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine appeared on the only Ukrainian Dialog resource and was immediately picked up by Russian and separatist propaganda. The journalists of the news oulet immediately stated that this news was fake and was released by unknown persons who had hacked their website.

"Hackers used our website to post a fake refutation of news about the first combat use of a Turkish-made UAV Bayraktar TB2 in the Donbas. They did it on behalf of Defence Minister Andriy Taran… Separatist resources of the Donbas were the first to pay attention to the fake… Obviously, the use of Bayraktars by the Ukrainian military in the Donbas was a painful blow for the occupiers. Hacking our website to post a fake is a confirmation of this", - Dialog explained.

As for the "panic" that allegedly gripped the Ukrainian delegation in the TCG, one of the members of the Ukrainian delegation, Serhiy Harmash, reported that a clear answer had been given at the meeting of the subgroup. It was explained to the opposite side that the Turkish drone was used to suppress the artillery of the occupation forces, which perfidiously fired at the village of Hranitne and the AFU positions.

"Of course, the representatives of Russia from Luрansk and Donetsk were most interested in the issue of the use of UAVs Bayraktar by Ukraine. We confirmed this fact, having recalled that the Russian Orlan-10 drones have been inspecting our air space in the Donbas for a long time, so there is nothing new in the use of UAVs in the Donbas. The AFU were forced to use this type of weapon, because two of our servicemen were killed as a result of the intensified confrontation in recent days. To cool the enemy aggressiveness down and in order to avoid unnecessary casualties, we used Bayraktar, which had suppressed the enemy's firing point with surgical precision", - Harmash informed.