AFU used Bayraktar UAV in Donbas for the first time: enemy howitzer weapon that applied fire destroyed (VIDEO) 10/27/2021 13:30:13. Total views 866. Views today — 0.

The Ukrainian military used the Bayraktar scout-attack unmanned aerial system in the Donbas on October 26 for the first time. This was reported by the press service of the AFU General Staff.

It is reported that the OSCE put forward a demand for a ceasefire on the militants of the Russian Federation on October 26, from the beginning of shelling in the Donbas, and sent a note to diplomatic channels, but the occupiers did not react to this in any way.

Commander-in-chief of the AFU, Lieutenant General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi gave the order to use Bayraktar in order to force the enemy to cease fire.

"The unmanned aerial vehicle did not cross the contact line and destroyed one weapon from the detachment of the Russian occupation forces with a guided bomb", - the AFU General Staff noted.

After that, shelling of the Ukrainian positions ceased.