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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on October 18, three violations of the ceasefire by the Russian occupation forces were recorded, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy fired at the positions of the Ukrainian soldiers near Pisky from large-caliber machine guns and hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers. The occupiers fired from heavy machine guns and automatic heavy grenade launchers near Novoluhanske. In addition, the enemy unmanned aerial vehicle, probably Orlan-10, was recorded in the Luhansk region overflying the demarcation line. There are no casualties among the military personnel of the Joint Forces. Our defenders opened fire in return, which forced the enemy to stop firing.

The so-called "DNR" admitted that the "spontaneous protest campaign" against the OSCE SMM was organized by occupation authorities of CADO, having camouflaged it as a "popular protest" because of the arrest of the "LNR" militant. This confession was made by Igor Khakimzyanov, who calls himself the former "Minister of Defence of the DNR". "Correct reaction of the DNR authorities to the capture of the LNR representative in the JCCC is among the positive news of recent days", - he stated. "A rally at the location of the OSCE SMM in support of the LNR officer was covertly initiated and allowed. As the phrase goes, - "stars are aligned", - he admitted the staged nature of the protests of allegedly "not indifferent citizens" who have actually taken employees of the OSCE Mission hostage. "Do not forget the old rule of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth", - the "minister" advised the leaders of the "republics" to continue acting as tough as possible. "But why the LNR People's Militia did not carry out a similar special operation in spite of Ukes, at least to replenish the exchange fund - it puzzles me", - he wondered.

In occupied Donetsk, pro-Russian activists who blocked the work of the OSCE SMM broadcast the anthem of Russia and patriotic songs of the Soviet era through sound-amplifying equipment. This was written about in the local segment of social networks. "The Donetsk residents arranged a wake-up for the OSCE with the Anthem of Russia… They intend to organize morning exercises for the members of the OSCE mission to the accompaniment of patriotic songs", - one of the local residents wrote.

In occupied Horlivka, the "DNR" militants changed their minds to blockade the OSCE forward patrol base, the office of which is located in a local hotel. Bloggers from the local segment of social networks wrote this. It was reported that the tent city has already been dismantled, and the so-called "picketers from the people" have dispersed. "Horlivka understood what the OSCE is doing in the LDNR. At the very least, the mission should "ensure the safety of the filter station workers and record the shelling". That is why the public activists stopped the picket near the Rodina hotel, took the tents and moved to social networks", - the message said. "It is necessary that the DFS works, and people are not left without water", - the occupiers sharply began to see clearly.

In occupied Horlivka, Ivan Prikhodko, who calls himself "the head of the administration", distanced himself from the "popular" protest campaign outside the Rodina hotel, where the OSCE mission's office is located. He reported this in social networks. "I declare with full responsibility that I, as the head of the administration of Horlivka, did not give any instructions regarding this blocking. At the same time, I would like to note that the events that took place near the Rodina hotel yesterday evening and this morning were initiated by active and patriotic residents of Horlivka…", - Prikhodko wrote. "The presence on the territory of the spontaneous tent camp of representatives of law enforcement agencies was due to the need to maintain public order in the place of the spontaneous protest campaign", - the "mayor" added.

The most important workshops of the Skochinsky mine in occupied Donetsk were disconnected from the power supply because of non-payment of the entire Donetsk Coal Energy Company company, which includes the mine. This was reported by the so-called chairman of the Donetsk "coal industry workers' union" Gennadiy Kovalchuk in the separatist segment of video content. According to him, the so-called Regional Energy Supply Company disconnected a number of mine workshops from electricity on September 27. In particular, the construction workshop and electrical department. "What is - to leave a mine without timber? How can a production workshop fulfill its duties without electricity?" - the "trade union leader" asked rhetorically, having added that the mine employees were working in unheated rooms. Kovalchuk also said that taking into account the situation with the coronavirus, more than 150 employees of the coal enterprise were on sick leave. According to the "head of the trade union", the disconnection of the mine from the power supply indicates an intention to destroy it. "If you want to destroy the last mine, say so, let us call a spade a spade", - Kovalchuk concluded.

The building of the significant for business Rembyttekhnika in the Leninsky district of occupied Donetsk is being sold for $999 999. The relevant announcement was posted in the local segment of social networks. "We offer a detached retail, office, production and warehouse complex located at the intersection of Leninsky Prospekt and Ivan Tkachenko Street in Donetsk. The total area of ​​ permanent structures is 8200 sq. m. The total area of ​​the land plot is 0.8 hectares", - the announcement said. This message is actively discussed by the townspeople, who doubt that there will be buyers - both because of the lack of business activity in the occupied city and because the commercial real estate is simply empty. "The business started with Rembyttechnika in Donetsk, it looks like it will end with it…"; "No one is embarrassed that the entire First Line is a sale and a lease, only no one needs it in the current occupied state", "A crowd of investors just came running…", - the Donetsk residents wrote.

Doctors registered 38 more deaths from COVID-19 In the occupied territory of the Luhansk oblast over the day, separatist media wrote. Thus, doctors have "officially" registered 1 876 deaths of patients diagnosed with coronavirus in CALO since the beginning of the pandemic.

A man died at a bus stop near the Central Department Store in occupied Donetsk on Sunday morning - his heart stopped. Eyewitnesses wrote that the ambulance arrived at about 11.00 a.m. However, as of midday (3.50 p.m.), the body was still lying in the same place. "The concerned citizens bought a sheet and asked to cover the body", - it was written in the local segment of social networks. "It is just that a lot of people are dying, there are not enough cars and personnel. The morgues are overcrowded", - the townspeople stated.