Graffiti with image of "DNR" militant Motorola stubbornly painted over in St. Petersburg (PHOTO) 10/11/2021 13:20:17. Total views 810. Views today — 0.

Citizens of St. Petersburg (Russia) regularly paint over graffiti depicting the "DNR" militant Arsen Pavlov, nicknamed "Motorola". Author of the idea of this graffiti Vadim Shakh-Nazarov complained about this.

According to him, the image, applied to one of the transformer vault in St. Petersburg, was painted over by unknown persons four times. "This is the only graffiti in St. Petersburg, even agreed with the Ministry of Energy. But it was not the administration officials who painted it over, but vandals. We had to be on duty to track down these people, but, however, failed", - he complained.

The original and its idealized copy: feel the difference…

As previously reported, a boat of the RIF-112 model, which was "assigned" the name of the terrorist who fought against Ukraine in the Donbas, Arsen Pavlov nicknamed "Motorola", was seen in the port of Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

Arsen Pavlov, nicknamed "Motorola", is a Russian war criminal who confessed to killing fifteen Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Donbas. He was an active participant in the so-called Russian Spring and the war in eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014, he was listed as the commander of the Sparta illegal armed formation. He was liquidated on October 16, 2016 as a result of assassination attempt. An improvised explosive device went off in the elevator of the house where he lived in the apartment given to him by the occupation authorities.