"LNR" occupiers state that regular humanitarian aid from UN and Red Cross is a merit of Russia 08/18/2021 15:04:58. Total views 714. Views today — 0.

The "LNR" propagandists have stated that regular humanitarian aid from the Office of the UN High Commissioner and the International Committee of the Red Cross is being carried out thanks to the Russian Federation. The relevant comments were given by the officials of the fake "Ministry of Foreign Affairs".

"19 trucks of the international humanitarian convoy of the UNHCR and the ICRC entered the territory of the Lugansk People's Republic through the as yet unopened Lugansk-Shchastye checkpoint. The cargo, the total weight of which was 126.5 tons, includes medicines, devices and equipment, school kits and building materials", - the "ministry" reported.

"Humanitarian aid from international organizations is available to the residents of Donbas largely thanks to the contributions made by the Russian Federation", - occupation authorities of the "LNR" did not miss the opportunity to attribute fake merits to Russia and present it as the main benefactor of CADLO.

As OstroV reported, recently, the so-called "humanitarian convoys" from the Russian Federation rarely arrive in the occupied territory and deliver the minimum amount of cargo. So, only 3 trucks arrived in CALO from Russia in August 2021 after a long break. At the same time, 21 UN vehicles were unloaded in Luhansk. They delivered humanitarian supplies 7 times larger than Russian. However, separatist propaganda regularly makes statements that it is Kremlin's help that is the main one for the occupied Donbas.