"Resuscitation department is always full": "covid" departments in CADO are overcrowded 08/17/2021 18:11:59. Total views 594. Views today — 0.

There are not enough places for "covid" patients in the departments on the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. This is written in the separatist segment of social networks, referring to a resident who laid with coronavirus in a covid department of one of the hospitals in Makiivka for two weeks.

According to him, 60-65 patients were in the department for 40 people. The resuscitation department is always full. There are a lot of patients on oxygen support.

"There are almost no empty seats - someone was discharged - a new patient is immediately admitted. There are a lot of middle-aged men - 40-50 years old, and many are seriously ill. Women are older. A guy of 18-20 years old was admitted. Many patients on oxygen support, I, fortunately, did not need the support. The nursing staff works to the max. I asked a nurse how many injections she gives per day. And assumed that about 100. The nurse said that there is no time to count, but not less than 100 - injections into a vein, droppers. There are a huge number of boxes with bottles for saline and antibiotics in the corridor of the hospital", - the CADO resident told.

According to him, there were not enough medicines in the hospital, he had to buy them for his own money, especially antibiotics. The patient spent about $136 on drugs.