Ukraine is ready to hold fair elections in Donbass and cooperate with those who will be elected by people – Poroshenko 03/28/2016 18:35:52. Total views 1315. Views today — 0.

President Petro Poroshenko declared readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to restore Ukrainian sovereignty in occupied Donbass. He said that speaking on the Peace Square in Kramatorsk, - reports the Correspondent of OstroV.

"We need to restore peace so that there is no gun shooting, no rumbling tanks and no Ukrainian deaths in Donbass that we can finally see how the aggressor - the Russian Federation withdraws its troops from here by fulfilling the Minsk agreements,"- he said.

Poroshenko expressed doubts about the readiness of the Russian Federation to cease hostilities in Donbass. "They (Russia – OstroV) brought more than 700 tanks, 1300 guns and ammunition before fulfillment of their obligations," - he said.

"I want to appeal to them from Donbass land: "We, Ukrainians, need nothing of that. Go away!". We are ready to hold fair elections, we are ready to cooperate with the Donbass leader who will be elected, we are ready for International security component to provide security, reliable transfer of boundaries under the control of Ukrainian border guards. And we are ready to restore Ukrainian sovereignty in occupied Donbass," - said the President.