Russia is developing "special procedure" for voting by CADLO residents in election to State Duma 07/07/2021 12:05:01. Total views 579. Views today — 0.

The Russian CEC is developing a mechanism to attract residents of the occupied Donbas who illegally obtained Russian citizenship under the simplified procedure to vote in the election to the State Duma. The CEC member Andrey Shutov stated this, - Russian media report.

"This issue (the issue of voting by residents of CADLO - OstroV) will be settled according to special procedure", - he said.

"This will be done without fail, the Central Election Commission is working on this", - Shutov promised.

Earlier, one of the functionaries of the ruling in Russia United Russia party Andrey Turchak reported that about 500 thousand residents of the Donbas who illegally obtained Russian citizenship by Putin's decree have the right to participate in elections. Currently, this is only possible on the territory of Russia. However, it is technically impossible to organize the delivery of such a number of residents of the occupied Donbas even to the nearest Rostov-on-Don on the election day. Therefore, the Russian authorities began to look for workarounds to organize the voting of the "new Russians" without them leaving the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine.