"DNR" propagandists begin to pass off their shelling and murder of Ukrainian military as "return fire" 07/05/2021 11:47:01. Total views 661. Views today — 0.

The "DNR" propagandists began to pass off their shelling of the AFU positions and the murder of the Ukrainian military as "return fire." This is evidenced by their comments on the reports of the JFO headquarters, which speak of the death of the defenders of Ukraine from the enemy fire.

For example, a July 4 report at the JFO headquarters says that the Russian occupiers "ignoring the agreements (on ceasefire - OstroV) continue to fire at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine… The occupiers fired from automatic easel grenade launchers not far from Berezove. One soldier from the Joint Forces received a wound incompatible with life".

The "DNR" propagandists distorted this summary, having stated that the Ukrainian side admitted the fact of shelling by the AFU and the death of its soldier as a result of supposedly retaliatory strikes suppressing the fire activity of the JFO units.

"The JFO headquarters confirms the death of one Ukrainian serviceman in the Donbas as a result of retaliatory strikes by the DNR units on Sunday", - the press service of the JFO headquarters was attributed an unspeakable statement.

A special cynicism to this fake is added by the fact that the deceased defender of Ukraine could in no way be the object of the "response" - he was a military medic. "Because of the shelling of the Russian occupation forces, head of the medical center of the mechanized battalion, Captain Yuriy Pismenny was killed. He was known to many by the call sign Feofan", - the Kholodnyi Yar 93rd separate mechanized brigade reported.