Judge from "LNR Supreme Court" has legal right to receive Ukrainian pension - Supreme Council of Justice 06/04/2021 13:23:35. Total views 626. Views today — 0.

The Supreme Council of Justice has called publications in the media, telling about the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to dismiss Ukrainian judge-traitor Natalia Bulavina who went over to the side of the "LNR", manipulation.

As reported, the Dejure Foundation and the Prosud project published information according to which the Supreme Council of Justice, by its decision, instead of dismissal in disgrace, dismissed "judge" of the so-called "Supreme Court of the LNR" Natalia Bulavina in 2018. Such a resignation means that the collaborator has the right to receive judicial payments and pensions from the Ukrainian budget.

Before the occupation of a part of the Luhansk oblast, Bulavina worked as the head of the Krasnodon district court, and after the formation of the "LNR, she became a judge of the so-called supreme court of the "republic".

As for the Ukrainian judicial robe, she wrote a letter of resignation in 2014 and sent it to the High Council of Justice.

In turn, the High Judicial Qualifications Commission recommended the HCJ to dismiss Bulavina from the position of a judge for a disciplinary offense, and the Security Service sent a letter to the HCJ, in which it indicated Bulavina's involvement in the discussion of the "LNR legislation". These recommendations were ignored - the traitorous judge was dismissed with all due social payments from the Ukrainian budget.

"At the time of the Council's decision adoption, there were no documents and evidence of the judge's involvement in illegal activities in the area of anti-terrorist operation or being part of illegally formed courts or other bodies in the so-called LNR", - the HCJ explains its decision.

It also does not see the possibility of canceling it, because "in accordance with Article 145 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges" resignation of a judge is terminated in the case of: reappointment; entry into force of a conviction against him/her for committing an intentional crime; termination of his/her citizenship or acquisition of citizenship of another state; his/her missing or declared dead".

"As of today, there is no conviction against N.Bulavina, as well as no evidence of termination of her citizenship of Ukraine or her acquisition of citizenship of another state", - the HCJ confirms the legality of the right to receive a Ukrainian pension by the "judge of the Supreme Court of LNR."

Thus, the Supreme Council of Justice considers all media publications about the Ukrainian pensioner from the "LNR" judicial system to be manipulative. "The High Council of Justice refutes the baseless accusations and biased allegations circulated in the media and social networks about the decision of the Council to dismiss Natalia Bulavina from the post of a judge of the Krasnodon City District Court of the Luhansk oblast in connection with her resignation", - the Council's website says.

The average pension of a retired judge in 2021 is $2800 per month.