Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov continues to frighten world community with mythical massacre in Donbas 04/28/2021 14:52:48. Total views 1062. Views today — 0.

Russia continues to frighten the world community with a kind of "massacre" that Ukraine will allegedly carry out in the Donbas, if control is established over the now uncontrolled section of the border with the Russian Federation. This was once again stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with Russian state media.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the West continues to convince Russia of the need to soften or change the sequence of the Minsk agreements.

"Zelensky says that he likes them (Minsk agreements - OstroV), but only if the opposite is true, that at first, they will take full control of these territories, including the border with Russia, and then they will deal with the elections and amnesty, as well as with the special status of these territories. It is clear that if they did it this way, if someone allowed them to do so, there would be a massacre by and large", - Lavrov stated groundlessly.

As previously reported, Russia is categorically opposed to the restoration of control over the Ukrainian-Russian section of the state border, which is not controlled by Ukraine, through which columns of military equipment and armed Russian troops regularly enter the occupied Donbas. The ATO units liberated most of the Donbas territories, occupied by the Russian occupiers, in 2014-2015. There was no and could not have been any massacre of the population temporarily living in the uncontrolled territories.