Anatoly Shariy served with charges of high treason and violation of equality of citizens – SBU 02/16/2021 16:55:26. Total views 999. Views today — 1.

The Security Service of Ukraine has served blogger Anatoly Shariy with charges under articles on treason and violation of the equality of citizens. This is said in the message of the SBU press service.

It notes that according to the investigation, Shariy acted unlawfully to the detriment of Ukraine's national security in the information sphere.

"The SBU has reason to believe that the blogger "acted on the orders of foreign structures", - the message noted.

The secret service clarifies that since 2012, Shariy assisted the structures of the Russian Federation in carrying out information special operations through social networks, electronic media and Russian channels. He purposefully discredited the Ukrainian government, disseminated manipulative and distorted information about the initiatives of the Ukrainian government and the events in the East of Ukraine.

The evidence of the investigation was confirmed by a number of expert opinions about the presence in the speeches and interviews of Anatoly Shariy of the facts of his subversive activities against Ukraine.

His content was actively used by the Russian propaganda network.

In addition, Shariy is suspected of actions that violate the equality of citizens "depending on their race, nationality, religion and other characteristics".